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Peanut Caramel Clusters 0141 MALTED MILK BALLS Chocolate con leche que rodea malteada central A center of malt double-dipped in milk chocolate. U 6 oz bag. 5102 PECAN CARAMEL CLUSTERS Chocolates con nueces Roasted pecans are covered in caramel then drenched with creamy milk chocolate. U 5 oz. box. 0122 MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS Almendras cubiertas en chocolate Milk chocolate surrounding crunchy almonds. U 5 oz bag. 0260 DARK CHOCOLATE TROPICAL COCONUT DREAMS Sueños tropicales del coco del chocolate oscuro The finest coconut from the Philippines combined with smooth dark chocolate. U 6 oz. box. 0022 MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS Pasas cubiertas en chocolate Juicy, sweet raisins covered with a layer of creamy milk chocolate. U 6 oz. bag. 0021 MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUTS Cacahuetes cubiertos en chocolate Freshly roasted and lightly salted peanuts double-dipped in silky smooth chocolate. U 6 oz bag. 5144 PEANUT CARAMEL CLUSTERS Cacahuate cubierto de caramelo duro Pristine peanuts are submerged in fresh caramel and drenched in creamy milk chocolate. U 5 oz. box. 5168 CHERRY CORDIALS Figuras de chocolate rellenas de crema de cereza Traditional sweet cherry fondant is wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. U 6 oz. box. AT ONLY $8.oo EACH, YOU CAN AFFORD TO INDULGE. 5350 PEANUT BUTTER BEARS Osos de chocolate con relleno de crema de cacahuate Adorable milk chocolate bears are bursting with smooth peanut butter cream. U 6 oz. box. 0036 MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS Pretzels cubiertos en chocolate obscuro A perfect sweet and salty snack! Creamy milk chocolate covering crunchy pretzel twists. U 5 oz bag.